RDI’s Content Management System (CMS) expertise:

RDI has executed quite a few CMS projects using different CMS. Each project is unique and offers different challenges. We’ve successfully implemented quite a few projects in WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. As a Drupal Solution Provider, we work with clients to build and maintain the solution. A list of functionalities that we’ve implemented across different projects on various CMS.

  • Design layout, converting PSD’s (Layout) to CMS theme (HTML / CSS & Then theme)
  • Design framework implementation to support responsive layouts
  • Use existing theme and apply customization to the same
  • Forum & Blog integration along with auto posting articles to various blogging platform
  • Social media integration and community application development
  • Private messaging, text and video chat, multiple sites using single source code along with multilingual implementation
  • Media management (video, audio, image and streaming of media content)
  • Extensive module / plugin customization and custom reporting even for admin section
  • Integration of token authenticated with content delivery network payment integration (PayPal, Authorize.net and customer payment gateway integration)
Which CMS?

As a decision maker, you’ve an immense challenge of considering which CMS to choose. With so many options of open source, enterprise and custom development and myriad of factors one has to consider before selecting a CMS. Few points to consider, before choosing a CMS:

  • Open source orProprietary CMS
  • Business & functional requirements
  • Ease or complexity of the requested solution
  • Availability of technical or non-technical resources to manage the CMS based website
  • Performance,  expected traffic along with security requirement
  • Maintenance cost (administration of content and future enhancements) 
  • Integration with existing systems such as: accounting, supply chain management application, CRM Application, POS application

After selecting CMS solution, it’s time to delve deeper and work on the project specifics to your business needs. 

  • Rough project scope, expected timeline and execution expectation
  • Initial discussion about project scope and budget
  • Break the project in phases
  • Usage of existing module / plugins or custom development
  • Future phases or enhancements
  • Maintenance cost
  • Document business requirements
  • Prepare functional, technical specification or project flow document
  • Future maintenance and enhancements document

We can help you navigate through the maze of different CMS, how to implement and understand the pros and cons. It’s very important that you research, but more important is how does the development company adds value during this process. As a Drupal Web Development Company, we have prepared a specific checklist just for impleminting solutions or migrating to Drupal platform.  Request for a free copy of an in-depth CMS Implementation Strategy Guide or Drupal checklist.