River Delta India (RDI), with operations in Ahmedabad, have been providing web application development, mobile application development, system integration and custom software development services for over 7 years. RDI in partnership with River Delta Consulting (RDC) brings over 12 years of experience in global business consulting. RDI is one stop solution to today’s enterprise business requirements offering technical expertise and marketing solutions.

Technology is neutral. Depending on one’s use, one can use it for the good of society or the evil of the society. RDI’s vision is to use technology to assist businesses to become competitive and stay ahead of the curve. With this simple vision we’ve tried to learn, unlearn and relearn technologies, processes that make us experts which allows us to offer solutions for businesses. We’re a small company and don’t claim to have found ground breaking technologies, but our portfolio and the past projects shows that we’ve done some custom solutions that’s unique.

Every human being is born with unique DNA and that separates him from the rest of the world. Same way, every company has different DNA. Our focus is on having satisfied clients, satisfied employees. We strive to improve on each project to perform better and we give the full credit to our team for that success. Without their support, we couldn’t deliver on our promise to clients.

For some of our clients, River Delta India is a go to organization for their web projects, it’s a trusted partner who assists them on their cutting edge mobile projects or an extended team to some of our clients and for lots of our employees we’re a responsible employer based in growing city of Ahmedabad. Our success is founded in the hard work of all our team members who work beyond their normal duties to help meet clients’ expectation.