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About Us

River Delta India (RDI) provides that final solution you would come to expect from an IT Business Solutions Company. It seems like there is a new IT company starting almost every-day. One of the reasons to stick with us is that we have managed to retain our clients AND our in house team through these tough times. Our philosophy stresses on customer service, know-how, and that good old fashioned professionalism, just to name a few. Every project that we take on, is always customized and always starts from scratch.

Our Solution focuses on Web Development Services, SEO Marketing, and Mobile Applications. In today’s market, all three of these aspects go hand in hand. Although we operate out of New Jersey in the U.S., we do most of our development in India. This system allows us to provide cost effective services to all our clients. We also give Onsite support, if at all necessary.

The benefits with choosing us can be measured from the return on your investment. We have packages that range from the work-at-home mom and pop businesses, all the way to the national companies, i.e. Weightwatches.com.

We specialize in Web Development Services for languages such as Java, PHP, MySQL, Joomla, among many others. We have SEO campaigns that start for only a few hundred dollars a month.

We do your on-page optimization, article submissions, social marketing, competitive analysis, just to mention a few of our techniques.

We also lead the market in Mobile Applications. Whether, your need an iPhone App, Android App, or even a Blackberry App, we have the knowledge and expertise to do them all, including on the backend.

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